At Fortitude Insurance Group, we are a boutique Insurance Advisory firm. We are people focused and we believe in providing a personalised service through a partnership. To achieve this, we place great emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with our clients, that’s why we are driven by a passion for delivering value, service and quality to our clientele.

Our breadth and depth of understanding across a large number of commercial markets enables us to provide holistic insurance solutions for a wide variety of commercial & corporate companies, sole traders, charities and non-for-profit organisations, together with private individuals, irrespective of size, complexity or industry sector.

Because our clientele base is diverse we need to ensure our ability extends beyond just our local insurer that’s why we not only place business through local Insurers but also Underwriting Agencies, including Lloyds of London. We understand the importance of strategic partnering that’s why we have strategically positioned ourselves with Steadfast, PSC Insurance Group and other reputable insurers.

Fortitude Insurance Group whilst is an independent company operate under the licence holder of PSC Connect Pty Ltd which is also part of the PSC Insurance Group of companies which is listed on the ASX.

Our Vision

To be a boutique insurance risk advisory firm, providing strategic and innovating insurance solutions tailored to client’s business needs.

Our Mission

To bring Change, Innovation and Opportunity.

To achieve this, we put great emphasis on our relationships with our clients, insurers and partners, that is why we strive to provide a service over and above industry standard putting our clients interest first by achieving the best outcome for our clients through utilising our service providers and partners.

Our Name – Fortitude

Our name represents more than just a name, but it stands for what we represent – Strength, Courage, Determination and Perseverance.

The strength of our brand alongside our relationship with our services providers and partners gives us the courage to take on diverse businesses no matter how complex an insurance program may seem, and our determination and perseverance leads us to meet our client’s expectations.

Our Values

Our Core values are based on;

Honesty (being honest and forthcoming)

Trust (gaining and earning the trust of our clients)

Integrity (working with the utmost integrity)